Corporate Sailing Programs

As Corporate Sailing Professionals, we at Sailing School love to find something fun filled and different to delight your clients, guests, colleagues, and friends. We have built a robust set of team-building and consulting services that organizations use for many purposes i.e. as rewards, to build camaraderie among new or changing teams and to learn new skills and insights for achieving better results in their organizations to quantify a few. Sailing is rich with business parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and brings out the best in leadership. We work as a powerful catalyst for positive change and accelerated learning.

All this is done whilst providing your top and mid level management an unforgettable experience on our luxurious boats manned by seasoned International level Yachtsmen. Our consultants and planners are experienced and shall focus our sailing resources on your goals.

The program is designed to run for 6 hours from 1 pm to 7 pm, conveniently launching off Gateway of India. The minimum number of participants is 8 to upwards of 30+ professionals. Absolutely no prior sailing, water sports experience is necessary!

We ensure that an afternoon out on the water will be enjoyable for your clients and staff whether they are novices or serious sailors. By its very nature, sailing encourages trust, strengthens relationships and fosters morale. Friendly rivalry regattas, treasure hunts, chase races or just a sightseeing tour for the out of towners – you think it up and we will design to your perfect day. We also have ‘Office Afloat’ sailing packages and our luxurious boats are perfect for the boardroom meeting with a gentle sail to keep the meeting enjoyable!

Please email us at or call +91.99202.08578