YAI certified courses

The Yachting Association of India training department is dedicated to creating, reviewing and updating National Training Schemes and the materials that supplement them. The National Training Schemes provide a pathway for anybody wishing to enter the sport and to progress.

If you have a query about training, whether you are new to the sport or seeking to improve your skills, please check the “Contacts” link above to ensure your query is directed to the correct person.

If you are new to sailing and would like to undergo some training, please look at the ” New to sailing” and “Training Schemes” information above.

If you are a sailing club or school seeking to provide the Yachting Association of India course, please see the Yachting Association of India Training Centre and National Training Scheme information.


For enquiries please email us at info@sailingschool.in or call +91.99202.08578.

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